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August 14, 2020

Guidance for Reimplementation of Sunday School

Since there are lingering concerns about COVID-19, and a lack of spiritual development gleaned from Sunday School, the pastor and deacons discussed a plan for reimplementation of the Mount Pleasant Sunday School classes.

The following is a recommended reintegration plan back into Sunday School.  There are several concerns which need to be addressed that we have no answers for at this time and this plan will help to not only reimplement Sunday School, but answer the questions.  

-First, who will be coming back to Sunday School (in almost every church attendance is down by approximately 50% and Sunday Schools are going to be down by approximately 50% of that church attendance number).  

-Second, who will teach Sunday School (some teachers are not comfortable teaching).  

-Third, will classes eventually return to their original breakout?  (Some classes will never recover their pre-COVID participants and attendance).

These are questions that cannot be answered sitting in a meeting.  Until we begin Sunday School again these questions are unanswered.

Therefore, in a desire to at least begin with something and move forward the following plan is suggested:

-Beginning September 20th, we would like to have a joint Sunday School class in the fellowship hall for every class.  This joint class will continue for an indefinite period to determine several things:

            -Which classes have teachers and when will those teachers be ready to break into their own class again?

            -Which classes will need to recruit new teachers for the upcoming year before they can begin?

            -Which classes are ready to go back to being independent of the larger class?

During this period, each Sunday School class itself can meet under the big umbrella fellowship hall class until they are ready to meet again individually.  

In addition, this time affords the Sunday School coordinator and the nominating committee the opportunity to see what is needed for the fall schedule.  

The normal pre-COVID operating format will resume:  

-9:45 assembly in the sanctuary, 

-10:00 joint Sunday School in the fellowship hall.  

The pastor has volunteered to conduct the first Sunday School meeting and will help clarify any questions you may have about moving forward.  

Also, this will be a time for each class to assess and answer some of the previous questions.  

Above all, while safety is important (thus the initial use of the fellowship hall vice small classes) it is important for the spiritual edification of the people of God that Sunday School resume for those who wish to attend.  

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